Clone eBooks are Free to Libraries.

I am so tired of seeing my eBooks downloaded illegally from pirate sites, when a reader could go to a library and borrow that book for free. It's like playing a perpetual game of Whack-A-Mole to get these books removed from illegal sites.

So, because Smashwords offers the service....

For those readers who want to read my Clone Series for free, I have gone into Smashwords and made my eBooks available to libraries without cost.

Clone - The Book of Eva #1
Clone - The Book of Olivia #2
Clone - The Lost Chapters #3
By Paxton Summers

Clone - The Book of Axel #4 - Is coming soon. (Hopefully later this fall--early 2019)

If you don't have much money, or I'm a new to you author and you're not sure you will like my work, but you love speculative/dystopian fiction and want to try it without cost, please go to your library and ask to borrow the eBook.

If they don't have the eBook, let them know they can get it from whatever library catalog they use--for free. I will not be changing this in the future, unless it is no longer an option to do so.

I support libraries and the readers who use them. Libraries are a great way to combat piracy and give readers a chance to read your books, and do so without cost. If you don't like the book--check it back in. But, I sincerely hope you do, and will help me to get the word out about this series.

Because I feel so strongly about libraries, and hate book piracy, I have made the decision to offer all my self-published Clone Series, in eBook, to the libraries without cost.